Principal's Message

“The beauty of human mind is to envisage dreams that you want to dream, the strength of human will us to do anything you to do and the courage to succeed in life is trust yourself, and to trust your limits.” This has been the guiding spirit behind the staff of DSM Public Sr. Sec. school Nangloi, As dedicated and effective educators, we help the students to realize their individual strengths, to identify the areas they need for their harmonious development and value the different strength and skills of each student and to keep the interest and curiosity of a child alive. However, in our deep eagerness to achieve academic excellence, developing their knowledge and understanding of subject matter, we remain careful not to miss out the essence of Education. In the modern era of perplexity and befuddlement, we Endeavour ceaselessly to enable our children to live a life that is governed by altruism and ethical principles of love, truth and goodness. Through comprehensive and continuous evaluation we work to develop their ability so that they become able to make their own choice, it is never over-sighted that every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility. Our Mantra shall always be to teach our children to fish rather that we continue fishing for them, and to gobble down nuggets of wisdom and the digest them well Our untiring endeavor will be to provide such a conducive and congenial atmosphere, through scholastic and non-scholastic activities, that is the first requirement for the self-development of the child, and make children free from Psychological, social, educational and economic stress and to provide qualitative, value based activity oriented Education. I sincerely hope that the parents, teachers and the society at large will ensure that the growth of tiny-tots is well planned.

Rekha Yadav